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Miss Piggy Enthusiastically Embraces The Feminist Label

miss piggy

Move over Emma Watson and Lena Dunham, Miss Piggy is here to claim her rightful place as a feminist icon.

"I mean that moi is now and has always been an ardent feminist and champion of women’s rights," the Muppet "wrote" for TIME Magazine. She goes on to say, "I believe any woman who is willing to struggle, strive -- and if necessary learn karate -- to make their mark in the world is a feminist. And, yes, I believe that any woman, who cares about her appearance, her star billing and most especially her percentage of the gross, is a feminist. Moi is all of these things."

We'd like to congratulate Miss Piggy on receiving the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art Award, alongside Toni Morrison and Sandra Day O'Connor.


Read entire article at the Huffington Post here.

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