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Trading Tiaras for Test Tubes - 5 Empowering Halloween Costumes for Girls

Yellow Scope | Five Empowering Halloween Costumes for Girls

There’s nothing wrong with a princess costume - but some girls may want to trade their tiaras for a cape or beaker! It can be hard to find empowering costumes at your local Halloween pop-up, but the interest is there, and more girls are dressing up as strong female leaders.

We’ve scoured the internet for inspiring costumes ideas and found many ready-to-wear and DIY costume options that are easy, unique and powerful!


Yellow Scope Lab Coat | Empowering Halloween Costume For Girls | Scientist

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t think everybody should dress up as a scientist at least once in their life, and Halloween is the perfect time. Yellow Scope’s white lab coat can be easily accessorized with a pair of safety goggles

The lab coat includes a cute embroidered yellow microscope that reminds her of her awesome science powers and signals to others that a laboratory genius has entered the room.

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Yellow Scope Empowering Halloween Costume for Girls | Olympic gymnast

She was gliding across the kitchen floor in her socks during the Winter Olympics figure skating competition and she dreams of someday competing for TeamUSA. Award her with a gold medal costume this Halloween.

Liz at Say Yes offers easy steps to create your own Olympic Gymnast costume which can be easily tailored to her favorite sport whether it’s basketball, tennis or skiing!  



Yellow Scope Empowering Halloween Costume for Girls | Rockford Peaches

Keeping with the sports theme, who doesn’t love A League of Their Own? Your daughter can celebrate her love for baseball by dressing up as a Rockford Peach.

A Mighty Girl is an awesome online collection of smart and empowering books, movies, toys and more. Their Rockford Peach costume is officially licensed and features many of the same details seen in the movie including league patches, belt, dress, and baseball cap. Complete the costume with her favorite worn-in baseball glove.



Yellow Scope Empowering Halloween Costume for Girls | Supergirl

Leaping typical costumes in a single bound, your daughter will be well on her way to being a girl of steel in this Supergirl costume by Chasing Fireflys.

The costume is comfortable and made of high-quality materials and includes a sparkly dress, cape and a strong gold belt. You can also purchase cool matching boots to complete the look.



Yellow Scope Empowering Halloween Costume for Girls  |  Rosie the Riveter

Our WWII heroine, Rosie the Riveter, is one of the most popular and beloved Halloween costumes for powerful girls and it can be easy to put together at home with a pair of denim pants and jacket. If you need a little help you can purchase the denim shirt, embroidered "Rosie" patch, and handmade polka dot headband from The Silver Closet on Etsy.

There are lots of people pulling out their sewing machines to create exciting new costumes every day. This “Empowering Girl’s Costume” Pinterest board has lots of great ideas like Lt. Judy Hopps, Alice Paul, an astronaut or an arctic hunter. We hope these ideas inspire you to discover your favorite female role model. Share your costume creations with us on our Facebook page.

Candy corn and moonlight - wishing you a happy Halloween night! 


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