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Meet pH Girl, Yellow Scope's New Superhero

pH GirlIt's an acid, it's a base ... it's pH Girl!
Faster than a chemical reaction,
Able to turn cabbage into a scientific tool...
Meet Isabel, otherwise known as pH Girl!


When curiosity strikes, Isabel dons her goggles and cape, and in a flash transforms into ... pH Girl!

pH girl's hydrangeasFueled by the power of Hydrogen, pH Girl is always on the lookout for acids and bases. Whether she's planting hydrangeas in the garden, polishing her safety goggles, or baking cupcakes, she can tell you the pH of everyday items faster than you can say "pipette"!



pH girl Did you know that pH stands for the power of Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is an element, one of the building blocks of everything in the universe. Scientists use a piece of equipment called a pH meter to measure the amount of hydrogen ions (H+) in a liquid. This tells them whether the liquid is an acid or a base. Strong acids have lots of H+ ions, weak acids have less, and bases have even less.


If you don't have a pH meter, you can approximate pH using chemical indicators. Red cabbage is a natural acid-base indicator. Pigment chemicals in red cabbage change color when they mix with acids and bases. Red cabbage juice turns red or pink when mixed with acids, and blue or greens when mixed with bases. Pretty cool, right?

pH kitTo do some fun acid-base experiments at home, check out our new Acids, Bases & pH Kit. With pH Girl as their lab partner, girls will have fun uncovering the mysteries of acids and bases all around them! The detailed and creative lab notebook outlines 19+ new and exciting chemistry experiments - with plenty of supplies and ideas for girls to design their own.

So grab your test tubes and get ready to explore your world!

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