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Stack starbursts together and exert pressure and heat to mimic the rock cycle. Then learn how the real cycle works!

Science concepts: sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous rocks, the rock cycle, magma
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Make your own dinosaur footprints at home and learn about trace fossils!
Science concepts: trace fossils, imprints, sediment
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Up your Mentos and soda game by immersing the famous explosion in oil! We'll make a temporary 'lava lamp' with simple household materials.

Science concepts: density, hydrophobic molecules, nucleation, physical reactions

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rain cloud yellow scope

Make it rain in a jar! With a little shaving cream and food coloring, we can learn about a cloud's role in the water cycle.

Science concepts: evaporation, saturation, water cycle
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Most candy dissolves in water...but not gummy bears! Test gummy bears' ability to grow in water, and what happens to them in a bunch of other solutions!

Science concepts: semi-permeable membrane, concentration, osmosis

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You know that colored water mixes, but what happens if the water is two different temperatures? Will they mix? Predict, then find out!

Science concepts: convection currents, density
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Make some ooey, gooey, pumpkin slime out of the guts from your jack-o-lantern! A seasonal addition to our slime collection!

Science concepts: non-Newtonian fluids, polymers
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Make a matchstick seem to float all on its own! A very easy experiment with very few supplies!

Science concepts: fusion
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Make your own smores! Make a solar-powered oven from stuff around the house and enjoy your favorite summertime snack without the campfire!

Science concepts: heat transfer, heat absorption

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Make self-rising water!
How can a candle force water to rise up? Find out in an experiment using stuff from around the house.

Science concepts:
air pressure, temperature, equilibrium, pressure gradient force Read More
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