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Let a balloon blow itself up inside a bottle!
Use science to make a balloon suck itself inside of a bottle and inflate along the sides...
Science concepts: pressure Read More
Make an indoor snowman!snowman | Yellow Scope 20 Minute Lab
Use household items to make a miniature winter wonderland, then "melt" your creations as though spring were coming!
Science concepts: chemical reactions
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Make icky, edible, fake blood for Halloween!
Need some fake blood for your vampire costume? How about some spooky science in your kitchen for the holiday.
Science concepts:

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Make a rainbow in a jar!
Use density to make different liquids stack on top of each other, forming a rainbow!
Science concepts:
mass, volume, density Read More
Make your own lava lamp!
Daytime or nighttime fun with household items. Make a lava lamp you can use over and over again!
Science concepts:
chemical reactions, hydrophobic molecules Read More
A pierced bag that won't spill a drop?

Now here's a great science trick and a fun way to keep cool in the summer!
Science concepts: polymers, molecular interaction

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Make toothpaste fit for an elephant!

Create an oozing foam that looks like a tube of giant toothpaste exploding - our most popular 20 Minute Lab!
Science concepts: exothermic reactions, catalysts

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Use lemons to make invisible ink!
Make a super secret message to a friend, like you were a spy in the movies!
Science concepts: oxidation

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Get a boiled egg into a bottle with a neck narrower than the egg itself.
Magic? No, like a ship in a bottle, it's just science!
Science concepts: temperature, air pressure

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with crystal shamrocks!
Or use the pipe cleaner crystals can to make any shape you like.
Science concepts: crystallization, supersaturated solutions Read More