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5 empowering Halloween costumes for girls.
There’s nothing wrong with a princess costume - but some girls may want to trade their tiaras for a cape or beaker! Read More

5 STEM Activities Kids Will Love More Than Screen Time

Prevent the summer learning slide and encourage kids to put down those screens.

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Week 8 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Build a better bubble with science!
Science concepts: surface tension Read More
Week 7 of Camp Yellow Scope!
How would you like to make a liquid rainbow?
Science concepts: mass, volume, density Read More
Week 6 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Make use of chemical reactions to make your lemonade taste better!
Science concepts: chemical reactions Read More
Week 5 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Ever wondered if you can "un-mix" green to get blue and yellow again?
Science concepts: mixtures, paper chromatography, capillary action Read More
Week 4 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Experiments to explore how water moves through plants. All you need is water, food coloring, and a stick of celery!
Science concepts: capillary action, xylem, surface tension Read More
Week 3 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Have you ever seen DNA? Well today is your lucky day! You can isolate DNA right at home.
Science concepts: DNA Read More
Week 2 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Why do water drops form? How many do you think can fit on a penny?
Science concepts: surface tension, hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules Read More
Week 1 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Paint on milk using chemistry! It might seem like magic, but it’s science!
Science concepts: hypothesis, hydrophobic/hydrophilic molecules, Read More