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Make some ooey, gooey, pumpkin slime out of the guts from your jack-o-lantern! A seasonal addition to our slime collection!

Science concepts: non-Newtonian fluids, polymers
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Make some Halloween themed explosions!
A Halloween twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar reaction.
Science concepts: chemical reactions, acid-base reaction

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Ghost balloons that howl!
Celebrate Halloween with science and make some spooky ghost balloons to add to your decor, costume, or trick or treating experience!
Science concepts: centripetal force, gravity, friction

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5 empowering Halloween costumes for girls.
There’s nothing wrong with a princess costume - but some girls may want to trade their tiaras for a cape or beaker! Read More

Make icky, edible, fake blood for Halloween!
Need some fake blood for your vampire costume? How about some spooky science in your kitchen for the holiday.
Science concepts:

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Halloween is the perfect time to craft creepy chemistry concoctions! Get ready to make some colorful, fizzy, foamy chemical reactions.

Science concepts: chemical reactions, CO2

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