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Gift Guide Title Image | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018

Here’s a list of 15 science-themed gifts that have caught our eye this holiday season. From babies to tweens, there’s something for all the girls on your shopping list!

We've added links for online shopping, but we also encourage you to shop local. Most of these gifts can be found at your favorite neighborhood toy or book shop!



1. ABC What Can She Be? | Ages 2+
 ABC What Can She Be? | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
From astronaut to zoologist, this brightly illustrated board book will let her know that it’s never too early to dream big!
$16.95 | your local bookstore
2. Caterpillar Gears | Ages 18 months+
Caterpillar Gears | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
 Toddlers will love turning the interlocking gears to make the caterpillar crawl along the wooden board, all while building fine motor and problem-solving skills!
3. Bathtub Ball Track | Ages 3+
Bathtub ball track | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Endless fun for bathtub engineers! Younger kids will love pouring water through the track to see what happens. Older kids will enjoy building and reconfiguring different courses to test with the ball.
$19.99 |
4. Wooden Bug Blocks | Ages 2+
Bug blocks | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
We love all the high quality, made-in-the USA block sets in the Uncle Goose line, and the bug set is no exception. The budding entomologist in your life will love the detailed close-up illustrations and you will appreciate the thoughtful design.
5. Quantum Physics for Babies | Ages 2+
Quantum physics for babies | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
One in a series of board books written by physicist and father of four, Chris Ferrie, this book introduces basic concepts in physics to the very youngest of scientists, with a tongue-in-cheek style that adults will appreciate too!
$9.99 | your local bookstore


6. Magnetic Anatomy Puzzle | Ages 3+
Anatomy puzzle | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
A great choice for the future anatomist or doctor on your list! This magnetic puzzle changes up the classic dress-up doll with 24 pieces, including internal organs, the skeleton, and the circulatory system.
7. Cubetto Coding Toy | Ages 3+
Cubetto Primo | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Meet Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot! Kids will love learning the basics of computer programming through hands-on play. No screens or reading required.
8. Bird Bingo | Ages 5+
Bird bingo | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
For the littlest bird lover on your list, this beautifully illustrated set introduces 64 different bird species from around the world in a twist on the classic game.
9. Binoculars | Age 3+
Binoculars | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
A perfect first set for the budding naturalist in your life, these shock-proof binoculars from Kidwinz are outfitted with high resolution optics. They even come with a protective carrying case for field work!
$26.99 |
10. Electro Dough Kit | Ages 4+
Electro dough | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Explore circuit making with electric dough. This fun set from Tech Will Save Us includes six pots of dough, along with buzzers, alligator clips, and LEDs to bring imaginary doughy creature to life!


11. Paper Chromatography Kit | Ages 8+
Chromatography kit | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
With Yellow Scope’s newest kit, kids will have a blast uncovering rainbows of color in plants, art supplies, candies and more using a super cool scientific technique. With art and creativity front-and-center, this kit will appeal to all kids, even those who may not realize they love science!
12. Smore Magazine | Ages 7+
Smore magazine | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
Ignite her brilliance all year long with a subscription to Smore, a science magazine that encourages kids to know more and be more!
From $29.99/year |
13. Boolean Box | Ages 8+
Boolean box | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Created by Boolean Girl, a non-profit organization with a mission to close the gender gap in computer science, this kit teaches girls to build their own computer and learn to code using SCRATCH, Minecraft and Python.   
$149.99 |
14. Women of NASA | 10+
Women of NASA | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
This 231-piece Lego set includes mini-figures of four pioneering women of NASA – astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison – along with instructions to build the Apollo Guidance Computer, the Hubble Space Telescope as well as the Space Shuttle Challenger.
 15. Cytosis Game | 10+
Cytosis game | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
Launched as a wildly popular Kickstarter project, Cytosis is a board game that takes place inside a human cell. Players compete to build hormones and enzymes all while fending off attacks by viruses!

2017 Gift Guide 12 Days of Girl Power | Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls
We pulled together 12 of our favorite girl power gifts for the season. From science kits to books to posters to t-shirts, these gifts will empower the young girls on your list to know they can be anything they can dream of.
 yellow scope foundation kit
yellow scope acids bases ph
Award-winning Yellow Scope science kits are chock full of real science. The fun, colorful, hands-on chemistry experiments take girls seriously. No perfume or bubble gum here.
Ages 8-12. From $24.99.
girls who code book
Part how-to, part girl-empowerment, this new book from Girls Who Code founder, Reshma Saujani, is filled with great illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. A perfect introduction to the wonderful world of coding.
Ages 10+. $17.99.
lottie doll 
We love these award-winning dolls, designed with bodies based on an average nine-year-old girl. With inspiring background stories, the dolls empower girls to be anything they can dream of – from a wildlife photographer, to a paleontologist, to an astronomer.
Ages 3+. From $19.95.
wild feminist t shirt 
For the little feminist in your life, check out the Wild Feminist t-shirt line from our friends (and Portland neighbors) at Wildfang. Also available in baby onesies and adult sizes. Because any age is the right age for feminism.
Kids S, M, L. $28.00
smore magazine cover
 Ignite her brilliance all year long with a subscription to SMORE, a science magazine that encourages kids to know more and be more.
Ages 7+. From $30/year.
We love this necklace created by the father-daughter duo at Little Lux to benefit Girls Inc. Put one in your basket for the strong, smart and bold girl in your life - and give back at the same time.
Ages 3+. $24.95.
 feminist household mike reynolds
We love these beautiful posters from Mike Reynolds – feminist, dad, blogger, and activist extraordinaire.
All ages. From $11.
women who dared blocks
 Mix up your wooden block collection with this inspiring 32-block set from Uncle Goose, featuring women who overcame obstacles and persevered.
Ages 2+. $64.00.
the film artist feminist icon prints
We all need these feminist icon prints. Pick one or several as a colorful tribute to outstanding women and their incredible accomplishments!
All ages. From $12.00.
she persisted by chelsea clinton 
Written by Chelsea Clinton, this beautifully illustrated book tells the stories of 13 American women who persisted and changed history.
Ages 4-8. $13.50 at your local bookstore
wonder woman watercolor 
Inspire your little superhero with these magical watercolor printable posters.
All ages. $3.00.
(Wonder Woman print: here)
yellow scope tshirt blue yellow scope tshirt black
Girls are bombarded with messages that maybe it’s not OK to think like a girl. Balderdash.  Let her know that her brain is amazing!
Girls’ and Women's sizes $19.95.

In addition to our new ACIDS, BASES & pH SCIENCE KIT, here are 10 other great STEM and STEAM gifts that have caught our eye this holiday season.

We chose these toys because they're from brands we trust. They're high quality and were created with real science in mind. They'll keep girls inspired and engaged. We think they're the kind of toys kids will come back to again and again. Plus they're all super fun! 


  Goldiblocks Invention Mansion

Winner of an Oppenheim Platinum Award, this new kit from our friends at GoldieBlox encourages budding engineers to build their own dollhouse – complete with trap doors, bridges and zip-lines!

Ages 6+. $59.99.


    Pirasta space poster

      Space-loving girls will go crazy for this giant coloring poster from Pirasta. It’s chock full of aliens, spaceships and robots. Tape it to the wall or spread it out on the floor. Color alone or with friends. Any way you do it, this poster will provide hours of coloring fun for your little astronaut.

      All ages. $19.95.


         Rule Your Room kit Little Bits

        From the creators at Little Bits, the new Rule Your Room kit comes with all the bits and instructions for 8 different inventions that allow kids to control their stuff.

        Ages 8+. $99.95.


         ada twist scientist book

        From the creators of Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer, comes this new story of Ada Twist, a young scientist exploring the world around her. An inspiring story of science, finding your passion and sticking with it, young readers will be inspired to start experimenting too!

        Ages 5-8. $17.95 at your local bookstore


          Roominate carnival toy

          Created by female engineering grads from Stanford, Roominate toys encourage girls to design, build and wire their own dollhouses. With Cotton Candy Carnival, kids can build a Ferris wheel or carousel, then add circuits and wires to start them spinning.

          Ages 8+. $44.99.


            science set tattoos

            We love the artist-designed temporary tattoos from Tattly. The Science Set contains eight different designs including a DNA strand, a microscope and a beaker set.

            All ages. $7.50.

            7. HAPPY ATOMS KIT

                Thames & Kosmos happy atoms kit

              The new Happy Atoms science kit from Thames & Kosmos allows kids to build molecules, then snap photos and use an app to identify the molecule and learn about its properties. Pretty cool!

              Ages 9+. $159. Preorder at


                periodic table blocks

                For the young chemist in your life! This set of wooden building blocks includes 20 six-sided blocks displaying each of the 118 elements from the Periodic Table. Hand made in the USA.

                Ages 2+. $32.95.

                9. PIPER COMPUTER

                  Play piper minecraft computer kit

                  The Minecraft fan in your family will love the Piper computer kit. The kit encourages kids to build their own computer and learn about electronics - all while playing a Minecraft mod!

                  Ages 7-13. $299.

                  10. STEM DOLLS

                    Lottie dolls STEM

                    We love these award-winning dolls from Lottie, designed with bodies based on an average nine-year-old girl. With inspiring background stories, this collection encourages girls to learn about science - from butterflies to astronomy to paleontology!

                    Ages 3+. $9.95 - 24.95.

                    pH GirlIt's an acid, it's a base ... it's pH Girl!
                    Faster than a chemical reaction,
                    Able to turn cabbage into a scientific tool...
                    Meet Isabel, otherwise known as pH Girl!

                    YELLOW SCOPE'S NEW SUPERHERO

                    When curiosity strikes, Isabel dons her goggles and cape, and in a flash transforms into ... pH Girl!

                    pH girl's hydrangeasFueled by the power of Hydrogen, pH Girl is always on the lookout for acids and bases. Whether she's planting hydrangeas in the garden, polishing her safety goggles, or baking cupcakes, she can tell you the pH of everyday items faster than you can say "pipette"!



                    pH girl Did you know that pH stands for the power of Hydrogen?
                    Hydrogen is an element, one of the building blocks of everything in the universe. Scientists use a piece of equipment called a pH meter to measure the amount of hydrogen ions (H+) in a liquid. This tells them whether the liquid is an acid or a base. Strong acids have lots of H+ ions, weak acids have less, and bases have even less.

                    MEASURING pH WITH CABBAGE...?

                    If you don't have a pH meter, you can approximate pH using chemical indicators. Red cabbage is a natural acid-base indicator. Pigment chemicals in red cabbage change color when they mix with acids and bases. Red cabbage juice turns red or pink when mixed with acids, and blue or greens when mixed with bases. Pretty cool, right?

                    pH kitTo do some fun acid-base experiments at home, check out our new Acids, Bases & pH Kit. With pH Girl as their lab partner, girls will have fun uncovering the mysteries of acids and bases all around them! The detailed and creative lab notebook outlines 19+ new and exciting chemistry experiments - with plenty of supplies and ideas for girls to design their own.

                    So grab your test tubes and get ready to explore your world!

                    Father's Day is next Sunday, and we've come up with a Yellow Scope approved list of gift ideas.

                    How about accessorizing dad's bike with a hand-stitched Barrel Bag from Walnut? Give him a delicious snack from Fuller Foods. Because Sriracha. You can find these deliciously serious cheese puffs at Made Here PDX.

                    And of course we have included some science-y gifts for the dads: a Dadium shirt (psssst, it's not a real element), one of our science kits for a fun dad-daughter activity, and we had to include some socks on the list because no Father's Day Gift List is complete without socks. These ones are the Constellation socks from Sock it to Me.

                    A great book that includes geeky projects and activities for dads and kids is from the Geek Dad. We think a gift certificate to a local pub is a GREAT idea. One we recommend is the Oregon Public House, where you can drink a pint and change the world. Sound too good to be true? It's real. They donate 100% of their net profits to charity. #Aletruism

                    And lastly, we like to recommend a blog to all the dads out there. It's called Puzzling Posts. You'll love it. And it's free. (And he has a list of amazing Father's Day Gift Ideas!) 

                    Happy Father's day to all who serve as a dad to someone!