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Gift Guide Title Image | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018

Here’s a list of 15 science-themed gifts that have caught our eye this holiday season. From babies to tweens, there’s something for all the girls on your shopping list!

We've added links for online shopping, but we also encourage you to shop local. Most of these gifts can be found at your favorite neighborhood toy or book shop!



1. ABC What Can She Be? | Ages 2+
 ABC What Can She Be? | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
From astronaut to zoologist, this brightly illustrated board book will let her know that it’s never too early to dream big!
$16.95 | your local bookstore
2. Caterpillar Gears | Ages 18 months+
Caterpillar Gears | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
 Toddlers will love turning the interlocking gears to make the caterpillar crawl along the wooden board, all while building fine motor and problem-solving skills!
3. Bathtub Ball Track | Ages 3+
Bathtub ball track | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Endless fun for bathtub engineers! Younger kids will love pouring water through the track to see what happens. Older kids will enjoy building and reconfiguring different courses to test with the ball.
$19.99 |
4. Wooden Bug Blocks | Ages 2+
Bug blocks | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
We love all the high quality, made-in-the USA block sets in the Uncle Goose line, and the bug set is no exception. The budding entomologist in your life will love the detailed close-up illustrations and you will appreciate the thoughtful design.
5. Quantum Physics for Babies | Ages 2+
Quantum physics for babies | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
One in a series of board books written by physicist and father of four, Chris Ferrie, this book introduces basic concepts in physics to the very youngest of scientists, with a tongue-in-cheek style that adults will appreciate too!
$9.99 | your local bookstore


6. Magnetic Anatomy Puzzle | Ages 3+
Anatomy puzzle | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
A great choice for the future anatomist or doctor on your list! This magnetic puzzle changes up the classic dress-up doll with 24 pieces, including internal organs, the skeleton, and the circulatory system.
7. Cubetto Coding Toy | Ages 3+
Cubetto Primo | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Meet Cubetto, the friendly wooden robot! Kids will love learning the basics of computer programming through hands-on play. No screens or reading required.
8. Bird Bingo | Ages 5+
Bird bingo | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
For the littlest bird lover on your list, this beautifully illustrated set introduces 64 different bird species from around the world in a twist on the classic game.
9. Binoculars | Age 3+
Binoculars | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
A perfect first set for the budding naturalist in your life, these shock-proof binoculars from Kidwinz are outfitted with high resolution optics. They even come with a protective carrying case for field work!
$26.99 |
10. Electro Dough Kit | Ages 4+
Electro dough | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Explore circuit making with electric dough. This fun set from Tech Will Save Us includes six pots of dough, along with buzzers, alligator clips, and LEDs to bring imaginary doughy creature to life!


11. Paper Chromatography Kit | Ages 8+
Chromatography kit | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
With Yellow Scope’s newest kit, kids will have a blast uncovering rainbows of color in plants, art supplies, candies and more using a super cool scientific technique. With art and creativity front-and-center, this kit will appeal to all kids, even those who may not realize they love science!
12. Smore Magazine | Ages 7+
Smore magazine | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
Ignite her brilliance all year long with a subscription to Smore, a science magazine that encourages kids to know more and be more!
From $29.99/year |
13. Boolean Box | Ages 8+
Boolean box | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
Created by Boolean Girl, a non-profit organization with a mission to close the gender gap in computer science, this kit teaches girls to build their own computer and learn to code using SCRATCH, Minecraft and Python.   
$149.99 |
14. Women of NASA | 10+
Women of NASA | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018
This 231-piece Lego set includes mini-figures of four pioneering women of NASA – astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison – along with instructions to build the Apollo Guidance Computer, the Hubble Space Telescope as well as the Space Shuttle Challenger.
 15. Cytosis Game | 10+
Cytosis game | Yellow Scope Gift Guide 2018 
Launched as a wildly popular Kickstarter project, Cytosis is a board game that takes place inside a human cell. Players compete to build hormones and enzymes all while fending off attacks by viruses!

Chelsea Schuyler
Chelsea Schuyler