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Make self-rising water!
How can a candle force water to rise up? Find out in an experiment using stuff from around the house.

Science concepts:
air pressure, temperature, equilibrium, pressure gradient force Read More
Hold a rainbow in a straw!
Capture colored water in a straw without it mixing to a muddy brown in this DIY experiment you can do at home!

Science concepts:
density, controls, variables
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Make your own rock candy!
Create colorful sugar crystals using lots of sugar and a few items from home.

Science concepts: crystals, supersaturated solution Read More

Make an ice cube float in the middle of a glass of liquid and melt into the bottom!

Science concepts: levitation, density

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Make your own thermometer you can use on your back porch or in the fridge! See how liquids and pressure work to tell us what the temperature is in our environment.

Science concepts: thermal contraction and expansion

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Let's make it rain inside in different colors and in water!
Using very simple ingredients of water oil and food coloring, make a beautiful color storm.

Science concepts: density, emulsions, hydrophobic molecules

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Make some Halloween themed explosions!
A Halloween twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar reaction.
Science concepts: chemical reactions, acid-base reaction

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20 Minute Labs: Rainbow Slime

September 15, 2020

rainbow slime art | yellow scopeMake a beautiful, vibrant pictures right onto slime! Use artistic techniques to make, stretch and play, over and over again!

Science concepts: polymers
Art concepts: pointillism, distortion

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ice map example | Yellow ScopeMake a colorful relief map by melting ice with salt and highlighting the resulting valleys and pockets with colors!

Science concepts: freezing point, cartography, relief maps

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Impress your friends with these science party tricks! Using light refraction, we'll make images seem to flip, like words, equations, and arrows!

Science concepts: light refraction, focal point

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