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20 Minute Labs: Snow Trees

February 24, 2020

Make your own "snow"-covered trees!

Grow snow-like crystals on cardboard trees!

Science concepts: Capillary action, evaporation

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20 Minute Labs: Snow Globes

January 23, 2020

Make your own snow globe!

Use old jars, toys, and some glycerin and glitter to make an imaginative scene!
Science concepts: Viscosity

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Ghost balloons that howl!
Celebrate Halloween with science and make some spooky ghost balloons to add to your decor, costume, or trick or treating experience!
Science concepts: centripetal force, gravity, friction

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Make your own rainbows on paper!
Rainbows are fleeting - capture your own rainbow on a piece of paper so you can admire it anytime!
Science concepts: light, destructive/constructive interference Read More
Make your own sparkling geode!
Create some geode-like crystals using eggshells and a few items from home.
Science concepts: crystals, supersaturated solution, geology Read More

String an ice cube necklace!
Use science to add the string after the ice cubes have frozen!
Science concepts: freezing point

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Make a naked egg?
Make an egg shell disappear - while the egg inside keeps its shape - with no cooking involved. We'll also change our naked egg's shape!
Science concepts: osmosis, permeable membranes

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Let a balloon blow itself up inside a bottle!
Use science to make a balloon suck itself inside of a bottle and inflate along the sides...
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Make an indoor snowman!snowman | Yellow Scope 20 Minute Lab
Use household items to make a miniature winter wonderland, then "melt" your creations as though spring were coming!
Science concepts: chemical reactions
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