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Ghost balloons that howl!
Celebrate Halloween with science and make some spooky ghost balloons to add to your decor, costume, or trick or treating experience!
Science concepts: centripetal force, gravity, friction

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Make your own rainbows on paper!
Rainbows are fleeting - capture your own rainbow on a piece of paper so you can admire it anytime!
Science concepts: light, destructive/constructive interference Read More
Make your own sparkling geode!
Create some geode-like crystals using eggshells and a few items from home.
Science concepts: crystals, supersaturated solution, geology Read More

String an ice cube necklace!
Use science to add the string after the ice cubes have frozen!
Science concepts: freezing point

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Make a naked egg?
Make an egg shell disappear - while the egg inside keeps its shape - with no cooking involved. We'll also change our naked egg's shape!
Science concepts: osmosis, permeable membranes

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Let a balloon blow itself up inside a bottle!
Use science to make a balloon suck itself inside of a bottle and inflate along the sides...
Science concepts: pressure Read More
Make an indoor snowman!snowman | Yellow Scope 20 Minute Lab
Use household items to make a miniature winter wonderland, then "melt" your creations as though spring were coming!
Science concepts: chemical reactions
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5 empowering Halloween costumes for girls.
There’s nothing wrong with a princess costume - but some girls may want to trade their tiaras for a cape or beaker! Read More

Make icky, edible, fake blood for Halloween!
Need some fake blood for your vampire costume? How about some spooky science in your kitchen for the holiday.
Science concepts:

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