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Week 6 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Make use of chemical reactions to make your lemonade taste better!
Science concepts: chemical reactions Read More
Week 5 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Ever wondered if you can "un-mix" green to get blue and yellow again?
Science concepts: mixtures, paper chromatography, capillary action Read More
Week 4 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Experiments to explore how water moves through plants. All you need is water, food coloring, and a stick of celery!
Science concepts: capillary action, xylem, surface tension Read More
Week 3 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Have you ever seen DNA? Well today is your lucky day! You can isolate DNA right at home.
Science concepts: DNA Read More
Week 2 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Why do water drops form? How many do you think can fit on a penny?
Science concepts: surface tension, hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules Read More
Week 1 of Camp Yellow Scope!
Paint on milk using chemistry! It might seem like magic, but it’s science!
Science concepts: hypothesis, hydrophobic/hydrophilic molecules, Read More
Your children are excited for the break, but how do you keep them engaged?  Five tips to keep them from getting bored and prevent the summer learning slide: Read More
Inspiring girls to study STEM should start at a young age. However, a lasting impact requires both physical and emotional support from both parents and teachers. It’s more than what you do or say—it’s how you say it. Here are some points. Read More
Ada Lovelace imagined and understood a world of computers that was over a century ahead of her time. Let’s learn more about this famous female of computer programming. Read More
Thanks to your support, Yellow Scope has been selected as a FedEx Small Business Finalists for 2017.  Check out this video we made with their great team! Read More