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girls doing science and art | Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls


All reports indicate that our testers are lining up to follow the Yellow Brick (Scope) Road to more science kits.

— Tester, Parents' Choice Award


I wasn't sure a 7 year old would be able to grasp acids and bases, but I think she really got it! And now she's obsessed with adding indicator to everything lol!

         — Julia, Couch Microscopy and aunt of 7 year old


I don’t know what you paid for this mom, but it was totally worth every penny. That last experiment was so fun I want to do it again!

         — Elle, age 9


The well designed and well written lab notebook does not dumb down or frilly up; it speaks directly and appropriately to its tween audience.

— Tester, Parents' Choice Award


OK #PDX, no joke, the best gift our daughters got this year was a science kit. A SCIENCE KIT. I didn't even know they were science-y and then this kit came along... Just a heads up if you've got girls on your holiday list.

          — Supportland


Marcie and Kelly are passionate about taking girls seriously and introducing them to the wonders of science without using a patronizing pink approach.

          — Carolyn Miye, Owner of Oodles for Kids


I could do this ALL day if I was allowed to!

          — Neva, age 6


I just found Yellow Scope and I am thrilled that you are here, and I love your mission statement and website! As a retired teacher and school administrator I watched the “science light” grow dimmer and dimmer as girls progressed through the upper grades and bought into the social norm that “science is not for girls.” As the grandmother of five young girls, I am in awe watching my granddaughters thrive in the sciences and embrace the challenge of all meaningful learning. Yellow Scope is now going to be part of their home-school education.

          — Judy, grandmother and educator


Every fiber of my being thanks you for helping an 11 year old girl and a 6 year old girl enjoy science. Also, thank you for your illustration of girls on the box that includes girls with hair like my nieces.

          — Ingrid, auntie


"I want to do science! I want to do science!” is one of the acceptable wake up screams. Yellow Scope is awesome.

          — PuzzlingPosts, dad


“Mom, can we watch a TV show?” has been replaced by, “Mom, can we do science?” Thank you, thank you for creating these awesome kits! We’re looking forward to your next one.

          — Vickie, mom of 5 year old


We got our kit today!! My 9 year old dove in right away and is enthralled!! The kit is beautifully done... inspiring, creative, inviting, friendly and chock full of REAL science... wow!! Thank you!!

          — Tracey, mom


The tactile quality of the components make the whole idea of the science here seem more solid and less disposable.

          — Tester, Parents' Choice Award 


Just because a company offers a science kit to inspire girls, it doesn't have to involve baking, making candy or spa products.

           — Tester, Parents' Choice Award


This kit offers a straight up trip into the world of science for my daughters. No perfume or bubble gum making required.

          — Tester, Parents' Choice Award 


I would love my girls to "earn" each button badge from this series. It would also be great for them to have a place to record that earned badge in social media to help spread the girl fever for science.

          — Tester, Parents' Choice Award 


Brava, Yellow Scope. Brava.

          — Tester, Parents' Choice Award


Yay! She must have spent at least 2 hours immersed in it, and only stopped because we had family come over for her birthday. She was asking everyone at dinner if they know what the periodic table is. I never thought I would hear my 3rd grader ask about that. And it's all because of your amazing kit. She was beyond thrilled with it.

          — Marie, mom


A good many of my friends are scientists and a good many more are parents of daughters, only a few manage to do something as impactful as [the founders] of Yellow Scope.

          — Dan, dad


Little brothers love Yellow Scope Science Kits too!

          — Laura, mom


She was jumping up and down watching the reactions and immediately starting coming up with her own variations after just experiment 1. She was fascinated by the idea of heavy gas moving a lighter gas out of the way to put out the flame in experiment 2.

          — Kate, mom


Feeling like a true scientist.

         — Haley, mom


I simply love this product. It is very high quality (I think of it as the science version of American Girl products). I think that it is very attractive for girls, not only in the way that is presented, but all the experiments that it includes are really appealing for them. It was time to have a smart toy for girls other than princesses, housekeeping or fashion stuff. It sends the message that they can do whatever they want to and that they are smart and capable of any job, and it also stimulates their creativity and an interest to learn more. My daughter loves science, and being able to do her own experiments and see the results makes her really happy, because not only she can do it at home and not only at science class at school, but she has her own lab science... and she is in charge! I definitely believe that it helps girls raise her self-esteem.

          — Andrea, mom


Josie loved it!! By far the best kit I've seen for kids.

          — Lisa, mom


Lily and her friend Aly are having a ball with the kit!! Cute and smart!!! Look out world!!!!

          — Kama, aunt


Yellow Scope’s Foundations Chemistry Kit is such a nicely conceived science kit, made for girls around 8-12, though its neutral coloring and crisp design would be one my son would like as well. In fact the only thing that says that this is “for girls” is the depiction of three young female scientists on the cover. And hey, maybe one day we’ll all just see that as something ordinary in the science world. Same as the line on the box, “made by scientists who are also moms.” (Although we really really like that, because it gives credibility to the creators who have first-hand knowledge of both science and what kids like.)

          — Cool Mom Picks


Thank you so much for making this kit. My six year old daughter received this as a gift, and she is in love with it. I hope you make more kits in the future. :)

          — Crystal, mom


It’s nicer than the science stuff we had in high school.

          — Lexi, Toy Ninja


As a chemistry major in college who had to seek out a women's college education, I am THRILLED to see this product on the market. THANK YOU!!!!

          — Kimberly


I'm on the IAmElemental team and am so happy to be able to give this amazing set to my daughter (10). Thank you, thank you. Power on!

          — Hilary, mom


They were so excited about running experiments that they ran some the next morning too (without my aid or supervision) and I had to tell them multiple times to quit doing chemistry so we could get to school.

          — The Maker Mom blog